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Get up to speed with Mobile World Congress before arriving in Barcelona with our multimedia news service Mobile World Live. Produced by the mobile industry for the mobile industry, Mobile World Live is THE essential multimedia resource keeping mobile professionals on top of the new and issues shaping the market. It offers daily breaking news from around the globe. Exclusive video interviews with business leaders and event reports provide comprehensive insight into the latest developments and key issues. All enhanced by incisive analysis from a team of expert commentators.

Catch Mobile World Live TV at Mobile World Congress

Stay ahead of the news with Mobile World Live TV. We broadcast live from the show across giant screens at the venue, online via and across Barcelona on a dedicated TV channel. Accessible in over 30,000 hotel rooms, our programming includes exclusive interviews with C-level executives from the world’s largest operators, device makers and equipment vendors exclusive live keynotes; panel discussions; press events and reports direct from the show floor. Mobile World Live TV - keeping you informed at all times.