Carlson, a supplier of commercial components and parts for industrial and commercial companies in the United States, implemented real-time monitoring systems dedicated to machinery some years ago.

However, when attempting to analyze information in the firm’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, the company relied on manual entry and faced a lag of days to weeks in order to pull up business data.

Carlson needed a solution for viewing both historical labor data and job completion information in real-time, to better measure manufacturing capacity and equipment performance.


improvement in machine utilization


additional machine hours per month


increase in billing

1 month

for ROI to be achieved

The company turned towards MachineMetrics and implemented a pilot scheme which mounted connected tablets to 15 machines in order to display job performance and give operators valuable data on equipment downtime, setups, part rejections and tool changes. Instant SMS messaging systems were also developed to warn production managers when machines were underperforming or maintenance was due.

Carlson was able to forecast manufacturing capacity levels for the first time due to the pilot and enjoyed an increase in efficiency both with respect to jobs completed and employee performance levels.

After the pilot was expanded, Carlson enjoyed a 24% improvement in machine utilization, a 10% increase in efficiency, 1,200 additional machine hours per month, and a $228,000 increase in billing. In total, it only took 30 days to reach ROI.