Flextronics has launched a pilot scheme to improve the efficiency of a factory in Malaysia. A priority of the pilot was to monitor energy usage; data gained by IoT sensors and connected devices rolled out in manufacturing lines were used by Cisco to ascertain what could be done to reduce energy usage by equipment including temperature chambers, chillers and assembly lines, and subsequent cut costs.

The pilot proved to be a success and will save an estimated 20-30% in energy usage. To date, close to 1,300 devices have been connected to the pilot solution.

Cisco says that the system will not only achieve ROI but offers data-driven opportunities for additional cost reduction programs. Conservative estimates suggest that in the factory alone, Flextronics will save $85,000 a month or just over $1 million a year.The pilot will now be implemented in over 20 factories worldwide and will be extended in a bid to achieve cost savings closer to the 30% mark.


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