The Ultimate Team Experience for Procurement Leaders

Onward and Upward.

Our signature events - World Procurement Congress and the World Procurement Awards celebration - have now evolved to include even more great events. World Procurement Week, born out of the desire to extend the benefits of these events beyond CPOs, now includes three additional, high-value events with fresh, insightful content and experiences for the wider leadership team.

The evolution.

Now in its seventh year, World Procurement Congress, has grown into the biggest, most esteemed gathering of procurement visionaries, leaders, and influencers from around the globe. We recognise that with the highest calibre of industry leaders comes their highest achievers and future leaders - the very engine that makes great visions a reality. So, for the first year ever, we are introducing World Procurement Week, three value-packed days of knowledge sharing and inspiration for not just the industry elites but the wider procurement team and community. We hope to, like many times before, ignite the power of the entire procurement ecosystem together, at once.

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